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CTP Developer

CTP Plate Developer

Its suitable for the development of latest technology CTP, Plates.

CTP Plate Cleaner

CTP plate cleaner Blue is specifically formulated to provide cleaning after the machine stops. Its light blue color reflects its softness toward plates coating & grains. It contains desensitizing properties as well as cleaning plates greatly without damaging plate grains, hence enhancing the plate life and print quality.

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Excel Brown

Plate cleaner XL Brown gently cleans printing plates and removes scum,

  • for  CTP/ CTCP plates dilute and use with care
  • gently cleans  under developed plates coating from nonimage area
  • provide scum & trouble-free printing


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Excel Brown Premier

EXCEL premier series, is newly developed from the house of spring inks plates cleaner series, effectively cleans partially dry inks and wet inks eventually, make plates nonimage area water receptive, dilute in the ratio of 1:1 to use for daily press room plates cleaning,  gives scum-free printing. suitable for Ps plates and baked plate cleaning.

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Excel White

Plate cleaner EXCEL WHITE

  • removes Plates scratches,
  • is a daily-use plate cleaner
  • provides gives a scum-free smooth printing

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Plate developer DP-10

DP10 plate developer is formulated for all kinds and brands of lithographic printing plates, use with a variable ratio of dilution depending on plates coating type

newly formulated type DP10 used for CTCP Plates.

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SPR Plate Gum Liquid

Plate Gum Liquid issued for short to medium terms storage of PS Plates, recommended for routine gumming & daily use in the printing room, makes plate water receptive & helps scum-free printing.

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