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Alco Blue (concentrate)

ALCO BLUE is a famous concentrated and most selling fount  in spring inks solution series its highest features  give best printing results,

ALCO BLUE, suitable for slow speed older generation conventional sheetfed & web offset newspaper printing

  • helps in obtaining quality and sharp print dot
  • Use in low percentage dilute 1ltr in 50ltr water tank to prevent misuse
  • Removes scum.
  • Alco blue fount is suitable  for both older and modern generation printing machines.
  • Help easy and quick startup after break
  • help faster drying on paper and prevent drying on rollers


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Anchor FRL 2351

Anchor highly concentrated fountain solution,

  • strongly recommended for alcohol dampening machines  f0r high-speed printing machines.
  • It helps to reduce the usage of Alcohol,
  • low foaming type.


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Anchor Green

Anchor fountain solution is specially formulated for alcohol dampening system machines &  recommended for web newspaper printing and for offsetting high-speed new generation al-color printing machines.  low foaming type, help in reducing Alcohol percentage, Give scum-free printing, and continuously desensitize printing plates. Anchor fount dosage varies with climate and season temperature.

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Fount Blue

Fount Blue is an economical type fountain solution series with compromise features,  suitable for sheetfed press

  • helps in obtaining a high quality and sharp dots prints
  • prevent scum issues. It is also economical fount for older generation printing machine.
  • help quick startup after the break

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