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Chroma KSN Series

General purpose offset printing ink

KSN series has two hues in Magenta and yellow and cyan inks,  KSN std Magenta is a Bluish shade while and KSN Epl  Magenta is yellowish tone while KSN std Yellow is reddish deep yellow tone, while KSN Epl yellow is medium tone greenish shade, similarly, Cyan in KSN std is reddish tone while Cyan in KSN Epl is greenish tone. KSN Epl is more suitable for high speed 15000/imp/hr generation machines, while KSN std is suitable for below 14000/imp/hr print impression machines, both are suitable for late 1990 machines.

  • Suitable for medium and high speed printing inks 12000
  • Both KSN series are lower in pigmentation then Chroma std series, has compromise feature then Chroma Std series.
  • Economical Type, reasonable rub resistance with good gloss effects.
  • Suitable for Box Board.
  • Bleach Board and offset Paper.